The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) and the National Cooperative Federation of Nepal (NCF) aims to strengthen the establishment of cooperatives by imparting necessary leadership skills to those that are interested to organize their own. This was the main concern tackled during the Webinar on Leadership Skills for Cooperative Management held through Zoom on May 11, 2021. The program was attended by 21 Nepalese participants.

The webinar aims to reflect on the principles of cooperatives/federations in guiding the growth in fluid environments, particularly in Nepal. The courses are designed to apply methods on how the leadership and management dynamics and skills can contribute to achieving the objectives/targets of the cooperative/federation. The webinar also opened the forum for the identification of issues and goals of managing change and improving adaptability through managing skills and strategies.

The speakers of the program are Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, Director General of CPSC and Mr. Md. Kamrul Hassan Tarafder, the co-founder of ASA Philippines Foundation, a microfinance company based in the Philippines. Dr Lamichhane presented about leadership and management for cooperative leaders while Mr. Tarafder presented the topic on the leadership and success of the cooperative, taking into example the case of ASA Philippines.

\ The program speakers: D. Ramhari Lamichhane (left/top) and Mr. Md. Kamrul Hassan Tarafder (right/bottom)

The program was concluded with a closing remarks from the Chairperson of NCF, Mr. Min Raj Khadel. He cited the productive cooperation between CPSC and NCF as a product of the MoU that was signed on 2020. He cited that the contents and lessons imparted by the webinar were useful for their members to further strengthen their own cooperatives and in advancing their professional careers. He assured that the NCF will be instrumental in the exchange of knowledge to further develop cooperatives in Nepal.

The program also recognized the contributions of Ms. Om Devi Malla, the Senior Vice Chairperson of NCF and Board Member of the International Cooperative Alliance and Ms. Chitra Kumari Subba, General Manager of NCF for their contributions to the successful organization of the event.

Group Picture of the event.