A webinar was organized by the Colombo Plan Staff College on April 8, 2021 to provide understanding and knowledge on the importance of co-curricular activities (CCA) and & extra-curricular activities (ECA) and their effective implementation and organization. The nearly 4-hour webinar was attended by 124 participants from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland and Qatar.

Invited speakers include Engr. Abdul Ghani Rajput, CPSC Faculty Specialist and Mr. Mohd Aznan bin Mohd Alwy, English Language Lecturer from the Politeknik Sultan Ahmad Shah (POLISAS) in Kuantan, Malaysia. Supervising the session is Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, CPSC Director General and facilitating the discussions is Engr. Sanyog Bhattarai, CPSC Faculty Specialist.

Engr. Ghani during his lecture

Engr. Ghani discussed the importance of Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities in Training Process. Topics tackled include: (1) concept and scope of CCA and ECA; (2) Co-curricula activities have number of values; (3) Role of CC and EC activities in Student life; (4) Benefits of CC and EC activities and (5) Types of Activities.

Mr. Aznan during his lecture

Meanwhile, Mr. Aznan discussed the co-curricular activities implemented by POLISAS. His presentation centered on the following topics: (1) Curriculum, (2) Implementation strategies and collaborations; (3) Impacts on student development; (4) benefits to the lecturers and (5) future plans.

Watch video playback of the webinar here: http://cpsctech.org/2020/01/effective-implementation-of-co.html