What's Inside

Governing Board News

  • CPSC Governing Board Conducts First Virtual Gb Meeting


Regional Programs

  • Regional Program Focuses on the Development of Digital Content Using ICT Tools, a Key TVET Skill During the Pandemic
  • Regional Program on Innovation in Curriculum Development Integrates ICT and Digital Skills
  • Online Regional Program on Innovation in TVET Management Interests TVET Administrators from CPSC Member Countries

In-Country Program

  • In-Country Program on APACC Accreditation for Pakistan Held Online
  • Online In-Country Program in Malaysia Emphasizes on Change Management of TVET Institutions


  • Webinar on Alumni Involvement in TVET Management Organized

Customized Programs

  • CPSC Responds to Ongoing Pandemic Challenges in Education Systems, Conducts Development of Distance Learning Programs in TVET


  • NITTTR Bhopal Invites the CPSC Director General as Chief Guest at its International Conference on Technology Management and Education
  • EduTECH 2021 Features CPSC Director General as Panelist at Townhall Meeting
  • CPSC Director General Takes Part as Keynote Speaker at the PSSCIVE India’s National Conference for 2021


  • APACC orients QNAS on the latest version of APACC Self-Study Form