Sri Lanka’s Independence Day is celebrated every 4th of February to commemorate its internal political independence from British rule on that day in 1948. It is celebrated all over the country through flag-hoisting ceremony, dances, parades and performances. Usually, the main celebration takes place in Colombo, where the President raises the national flag and delivers a nationally televised speech. Many national struggles were made in the history of Sri Lanka and on the Independence Day all of these are remembered and celebrated.

CPSC sends its warm wishes to its Sri Lankan brothers and sisters for this very auspicious and historically significant event.

Traditions on Sri Lanka National Day

After years of being subjected to colonial rule, Sri Lankans celebrate their culture and national identity on National Day.


Sri Lankans and travelers can enjoy the traditional music of Sri Lanka during National Day. This traditional music is often accompanied by colorful dance performances. This is a chance for people to learn more about the cultures of Sri Lanka.

Lectures and Panel Discussions

Various lectures are held in universities during National Day. These lectures often address topics such as Sri Lankan history, colonization, and sovereignty.

Food and Tea

It is a common practice for Sri Lankans and travelers to sample various kinds of food and tea on National Day. These food offerings often include the staples of the traditional Sri Lankan diet, so fruits and legumes are common. It should also come as no surprise that tea is a centerpiece of the samples offered on National Day. This is because tea is one of Sri Lanka’s largest exports.


Many Sri Lankans express their patriotism by attending military parades and waving the flag of their nation. This allows Sri Lankans to show their appreciation for their nation’s current and fallen defenders.



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