During the Opening Program

The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) collaborated with the Busan Foundation International Cooperation (BFIC), Korea for its first joint program on Special Online International Program on Digital and Fintech in the Financial Sector in Busan, Korea from December 15 to 18, 2020 via Zoom. The milestone program gathered 20 TVET professionals working in the finance areas, ministries and departments, including Central Bank of the Philippines. The enthusiastic participants actively participated during the training as they eagerly expressed their interest on the topics through their varied inquiries and hoped that they can apply the Korean model in their respective countries.

Participants form Bangladesh, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines joined in the lively discussions about the frameworks for effective strategies to tackle the disruption driven by rapid innovation and new regulations in the financial industry; the recent financial trends, development, processes and policies of technology in the financial sector in Korea; Fintech, their uses and the fintech hub center in the financial sector in S. Korea; the smart digital finance works in S. Korea; the blockchain technologies of S. Korea the financial depository securities in S. Korea; and the financial sector technological trends modelled by Korea.

During the opening program, Dr. Jongpil Chung, Secretary General of BFIC, Korea also shared the mandate of BFIC to the participants. BFIC aims to become a public diplomacy institution focused on promoting Busan globally through international exchanges and development cooperation. On the other hand, CPSC Director General Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane expressed his appreciation to BFIC in sharing their expertise in digital and fintech. He also thanked the participants for taking their time to participate in the special online program.

Through the program, BFIC and CPSC are both optimistic to pursue other collaborative activities in the future with other institutions.

Deputy Secretary General Young Cheol Ahn and Dr. Kyung-Sim Yeon, Director of the Official Development Assistance Team of BFIC, Korea

Topics include Busan Blockchain Regulation Free Zone, Financial IT Business of BNK System, Korea Securities Depository, Understanding Digital and Finance in South Korea and How to Apply Korea’s Financial Technology.