An online regional program, held via Zoom, was organized from August 24-28, 2020 and involved a total of 125 TVET professionals from the different CPSC member countries.

The program discussed the dynamics of IR 4.0 and its disruption in TVET. It also identified the digital competencies to address IR 4.0 and explored the online tools to develop digital competencies in TVET, as well as authoring tools used in TVET. At the end of the five-day online program, the participants were able to understand the concepts of IR developing a comprehensive plan to develop TVET in the context of IR 4.0. They were also able to strengthen the capacity of their institutions on equipping digital competencies in TVET.

Screenshot of the program participants and organizers

Supervising the program is Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, Director General of CPSC. Providing the resources as the program coordinator is Engr. Abdul Ghani Rajput, CPSC Faculty Specialist. Engr. Sanyog Bhattarai, CPSC Faculty Specialist, is also invited as an additional resource person.

The program was appreciated well by the participants and many insights were taken from the lectures and tasks presented.