DATE 24-28 Aug 2020
PROGRAM CODE 20-21/OLRP02 (Online Regional Program)
PARTICIPANTS' PROFILE: The participants of this online Regional Program are composed Managers, Principals, Instructional designers and mid- to senior-level TVET trainers from government institutions.


Digital competence is essential for learning, work and active participation in society. Digital competence is the most recent concept describing technology-related skills. The evolution of Industrial Revolution 4.0 is totally based on modern technology. And technology is driven by TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training). Since TVET not only spawns technology by pull of demand and innovation, but also diffuses it by way of transfer of knowledge and skills.

Fourth Industrial Revolution set a new momentum to training and development sector. The revolution brings new exciting opportunities and solutions to global challenges such as automation of industrialization. It will also produce new jobs that have yet to be invented. The critical challenge for skills development is serious skills mismatches despite growing investments in TVET. Thus governments, educators and policy maker alike must ask the questions about how they can prepare present and future TVET to thrive in this digital world. Technical and Vocational Education & Training in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (TVET 4.0) is a complex, dialectical and exciting opportunity which can potentially transform society for the better. The fourth industrial revolution is powered by artificial intelligence and it will transform the workplace from tasks based characteristics to the human centered characteristics. Because of the convergence of man and machine, it will reduce the subject distance between humanities and social science as well as science and technology. This will necessarily require much more interdisciplinary teaching, research and innovation in TVET. Therefore TVET stakeholders in Asia Pacific region have to set new initiatives and make efforts to develop digital competencies in TVET to address IR 4.0 needs and produce balanced graduates to be globally competitive and meet the needs of Industry 4.0.


The program aims to:

  • Understand the dynamics of IR 4.0 and its disruption in TVET
  • Identify the digital competencies to address IR 4.0
  • Be familiar with online tools to develop digital competencies in TVET
  • Get insight on Authoring Tools

Facilities Required

  • Minimum 5Mbps Broadband Internet
  • Desktop/ Laptop Computer with Webcam, Microphone, Speakers or Earphones
  • Chrome Browser or any HTML5 Compliant Browser