The CPSC Director General, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, imparted his knowledge and expertise as the Special Guest Presenter at the Virtual Training on Developing a Learning Continuity Plan on July 24, 2020 via Zoom Virtual Meeting.

Organized by the Don Bosco – One TVET Philippines Inc. for the Don Bosco TVET Institutions from ASEAN region and GIZ-RECOTVET network, the webinar aims to delve into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in various sectors of the community particularly in the TVET sector, and how institutions cope with the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Through his presentation on “Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on TVET in the ASEAN/Asia Pacific”, Dr. Ramhari shared the consequence of COVID-19 in the TVET sector. Presently, physical training and classes, which are some of the main activities of TVET institutions, are halted due to lockdowns and physical distancing.

He also tackled the effect of the pandemic on the global job market, including sectors which are predicted to have a decrease and increase in employment opportunities. He also shared some initiatives, strategies and novel ideas by different countries and institutions on how to adapt with the changes in order to continuously deliver quality education and training to the stakeholders. He concluded his presentation by imparting the ways on how to utilize different online and virtual platforms in delivering information and services to the different TVET stakeholders.

Key officials of the Don Bosco – One TVET Philippines Inc. were also present at the webinar, including Executive Director Fr. Jose Dindo Vitug, SDB; Deputy Executive Director Dr. Marc Laurenze Celis; National Compliance Officer Mr. Neil Apollo Dichoso; Don Bosco Tech ASEAN Country Representative Bro. Ephrem Santos (Indonesia); and Project Manager of Don Bosco Mondo Mr. Sebastian Schuster (Germany).

CPSC Director General Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane and Don Bosco – One TVET Philippines Inc. Executive Director Fr. Jose Dindo Vitug, SDB during the webinar