PROGRAM CODE: 19-20/WEB13 (Webinar)
DATE AND TIME: 7 May 2020
9:30am Afghanistan | 10:00am Maldives, Pakistan | 10:30am India, Sri Lanka | 10:45am Nepal | 11:00am Bangladesh, Bhutan | 11:30am Myanmar | 12:00nn Thailand | 1:00pm China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore | 3:00pm Papua New Guinea | 5:00pm Fiji
TARGET GROUP: Teachers, administrators and practitioners of TVET

Webinar Presentations


This concept paper is prepared for the CPSC webinar on the topic “Supervision and Monitoring of Teaching Processes of TVET Teachers”. TVET teaching is more complex and diverse as per technological advancements and teachers need to deal with the young generation of 21st century. The demands on teachers will increase as TVET expands and the level of participation by students increase day by day. TVET teachers now teach a range of qualifications that include higher education qualifications and certificate level in TVET schools, which implies teachers to be versatile and have adequate pedagogical skills to deal with different types of students. TVET institutions need to support teachers to develop the knowledge and skills that will help them become expert teachers as well as industry experts.

TVET teachers with the technological advancements need to be competent in dealing with ICT based education as well as conventional ways of teaching. Whichever teaching mode is adopted, a teacher need to be skillful to motivate students, have two-way communications, use variety of methods and media, have a good presentation skills, and questioning skills.

A TVET teacher plays a vital role in TVET system to impart occupational knowledge and skills to the students. The teachers have responsibilities not only teaching but also guide and be a mentor of the students. Teachers need to abide by the teaching ethics and standards so that learning takes place and learning outcomes are met.

The main purpose of supervision and monitoring of classroom delivery is to assess the teachers’ performance comparing to the pre-defined teaching standards leading to improvements in delivery of sessions. By doing this, TVET institutions are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in delivery, to compare its performance with that of other TVET institutions, to identify opportunities for improvement, to set objectives and targets, and to prioritize the actions required to achieve these. Monitoring and supervision also ensures that the learning outcomes in each session is met and students acquire competencies as per national competency standards.

Hence, CPSC is looking forward to this webinar on “Supervision and Monitoring of Teaching Processes of TVET Teachers” and meet all the CPSC member countries participants & discuss about it. It is hoped that this experience will enable us to think and act differently on planning, organizing, and implementing supervision and monitoring system in TVET institutions.


This Webinar is focused on understanding the value, its purpose, teachers’ teaching standards, and conducting in a systematic way supervision and monitoring of classroom delivery by TVET teachers. Further the Webinar helps in gaining insights on what should be observed in classroom delivery and how a feedback system works in TVET institutions. The participants will become aware of what improvements on delivery are expected as the results of supervision and monitoring.


  • Share knowledge on supervision and monitoring of teaching processes
  • Make similar understanding on supervision and monitoring of teaching processes among TVET professionals

Facilities Required

To join the webinar, each participant should have the following:

  • Minimum 2Mbps Broadband Internet
  • Desktop/Laptop Computer or Mobile Device with Earphones and Mic
    • Chrome Browser or any HTML5 Compliant Browser
    • Google Account (Gmail) for Hangouts Meet