The Colombo Plan Staff College successfully facilitated the visit of 10 officials of the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Nepal in Thailand and Malaysia from December 8-14, 2019. The delegation was led by Mr. Mahesh Bhattarai, the Director of the Administration Division of CTEVT.

The study tour aimed to provide relevant information on the implementation of the TVET quality assurance (QA) in the host countries, and exposure on the policies, frameworks, documents and manuals associated with it. They were also interested to learn how the TVET QA system was managed by the TVET agencies of these countries, as well as the challenges and issues behind their operations.

In Malaysia, the group visited the Department of Polytechnic and Community College Education (DPCCE), the Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in Putrajaya. They also visited the MARA Japan Industrial Institute (MJII) in Seremban, an APACC Gold-Accredited Institution. The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Md. Naim Yaakub, Director of DPCCE and former Director General of CPSC.

In Thailand, they visited the Office of Vocational Education (OVEC) in Bangkok and the Siam Business Administration Nonthaburi Technological College (SBAC Nonthaburi) in Nonthaburi which is also an APACC Gold-Accredited institution. At OVEC the delegation was welcomed by Mr. Rangsan Thepmondri, Director of International Strategy, while SBAC Director Dr. Prasarn Prawatrugang Nonthaburi warmly hosted the visit.

During the visits, key persons attended the high-profile meetings. They were able to experience the local culture through cultural presentations and some famous sights in both countries. Video of the visit to SBAC Nonthaburi can be accessed in this link:

Some of the participants listening to the speakers at the MJII in Seremban
Visiting the MJII gallery

Visiting the premises of the SBAC Nonthaburi campus