CPSC Director General, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, was in Florence, Italy from October 9-10, 2019 and in Washington DC, USA on October 15, 2019 to attend important events that highlighted CPSC’s expertise in TVET management in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Dr. Lamichhane during the plenary session in the Skills Forum Conference in Florence

In Florence, he attended the International Skills Forum organized by Skillman.eu in which he presented CPSC’s initiatives for Quality TVET in the Asia-Pacific Region as one of the speakers in a plenary session. The said event was a two-day engagement that gathered about 150 TVET providers, policy makers, funding providers, industries, and students around the globe, but mostly from Europe. He was able to meet Managing Director of Skillman.eu, Mr. Giovanni Crisona; the Policy Adviser of the European Training Foundation (ETF), Ms. Manuela Prina and the Vice President of the International Vocational Training Association (IVETA), Dr. Julian Ng. He was able to develop a few networking opportunities with some of the participants as well.

According to the official information in their website. Skillman.eu "was launched in 2014 and received the European Commission support in 2015 in the field of education and training. In its specific field of intervention it is currently became the largest EU multilateral network combining a solid knowledge of skills needs and training practices with a well-organized systemic and sector-related information system".

Dr. Lamichhane giving his insights on female participation in TVET at the symposium held in Brookings Institute, Washington DC.

In Washington DC, he participated as one of the panel of experts at the "Girls' Education Research and Policy Symposium: Learning across a Lifetime" event held in the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at the Brookings Institute, Washington DC. The symposium intended to gather approaches and best practices in addressing gender sensitivity from the start of schooling until the transition into the workforce.

During the event, he was able to give his insights on girls’ participation, retention and post-graduation situation in TVET programs and presented CPSC’s experiences in advancing female participation in TVET. He was able to meet some important persons including Ms. Christina T. Kwauk, Fellow at the Center for Universal Education of the Brookings Institute; Ms. Martha Muhwezi, Executive Director on the Forum of African Women Educationalists; Ms. Nancy Taggarat, Senior Youth and Wokrforce Development Advisor of USAID and Mr. Kevin Cassidy, Director of the International Labor Organization (ILO), USA.

The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level.