DATE START: 1 Nov 2019
PROGRAM CODE: 19-20/SP2 (Online Program)


Digital media in the vast technological landscape have been progressively instilled in today's culture. Whether video, audio, or graphics, access to digital media has been increasingly widening and penetrating into people's lifestyles given the sizable resources in television and the World Wide Web with augmented usage of the Internet.

With the way 21st century learners consume information and interact with content, much has been rolled out over the past years to take advantage of digital media available for use as effective teaching and learning resources. It is the goal of the educators and trainers to get the learners energized and engaged in their learning experience. It is also recognized that incorporating digital media resources to support the development of curricula sparks the interest since the use of interactivity, visuals and sound stimulates the learners and aids in retention of information.

As opposed to analog media, which was scarcely tapped by the education system before, the development of digital media resources has often been celebrated for its penetration to the level of consumers due to the widespread use of digital information processing machines and equipment. Computers, digital cameras, handheld devices equipped with high quality cameras, along with digital media software such as non-linear editing system and image processing tools have been extensively available today. In order to effectively develop contents with digital media, one should know and understand the technical operation of digital equipment, employ digital editing, and understand the utility and strategic deployment of these resources according to the learning objectives.

This program will provide a venue for the teachers and trainers of TVET institutions to enhance their instructional tools and methodologies by developing appropriate learning resources with digital media and carrying out good practices in manipulating camera tools, applying techniques for effective shots, video editing, image processing, packaging the contents sharable to both the classroom and the Internet and using online assessment tools.


The objectives of the Program are to:

  • Integrate the use of ICT for teaching and learning in TVET system;
  • Gain knowledge in customizing learning management with online knowledge assessment and real-time grading system;
  • Deliver learning resources through media streaming and cloud based services;

Program Contents

The main contents of the program are:


  • Part 1: Application of ICT in the 21st Century Education
  • Part 2: Learning Management System (LMS) for TVET


  • Task 1: Lesson Plan for E-Learning
  • Task 2A: Learning Management System Setup
  • Task 2B: Creating Web-Based Teaching and Learning System
    • Customizing Learning Management System
    • Embedding Rich Media Resources using Cloud Based Services
    • Creating online assessment tools in LMS