In further expanding discussions and deepening understanding on trends, issues and related concerns on competency based education and training (CBE&T), co-organizing teams composed of the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC), TVET Authority (TVETA) and Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA) conducted a National Seminar on CBE & T in TVET: Current Status, Emerging Trends and Challenges in conjunction with the In-Country Program on CBE & T.

A total of 65 TVET administrators, policy makers, practitioners and academicians gathered on March 25, 2014 in Male, Maldives to broaden familiarity and responsiveness to CBE & T status, challenges and implementations.

The broad themes of the seminar were the following: 
Regional trends, issues and challenges in CBE&T implementation 
Current state of Maldives TVET CBE & T system 
Employers participation in implementing CBE & T in Maldives 
Accreditation and certification, CBE & TVET qualifications framework and its implication for quality assurance.

The seminar intended to: 
inform about regional trends, issues and challenges in CBE & T implementation; 
appraise about the current status and emerging trends in Maldives TVET CBE & T systems; 
provide understanding on the employers’ participation in implementing CBE & T in Maldives 
explain how CBE & T may be integrated into the Maldives TVET qualifications framework and its implication for quality assurance

Distinguished Resource Speakers expertly shared their insights on the emerging trends, issues and concerns surrounding CB E & T through four sessions. Expert speakers were comprised of: Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General, who delivered a presentation on Regional Trends, Issues and Challenges in CBE & T Implementation (Session 1); Ms. Aminath Asra, Director, TVETA and MQA who shared about the Current State of CBE & T in Maldives TVET System (Session 2); Ms. Aishath Naseer, Education Development Officer, National Institute of Education Employers who discussed the topic Participation in Implementing CBE & T in Maldives: Forms and Practices (Session 3):  and Mr. Abdulla Ibrahim, Director, MQA Accreditation and Certification, who imparted his knowledge on TVET Qualifications Framework and its Implication for Quality Assurance (Session 4).

Participants of the seminar arrived at valuable conclusions and recommendations vital to the significant initiatives and prospects of Maldives on CBE & T for the benefit of its TVET systems.