OJS Now Open for Submission of Papers for Next Issue of STEPS

CPSC launches the online journal system (OJS) for the CPSC journal titled Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series (STEPS). It may be visited at steps.cpsc.org and is now open for submission of papers for the second issue of STEPS.
The online system was formally introduced during the 96th Governing Board Meeting on January 29, 2014 led by the Chairman of the Governing Board, Member for Papua New Guinea, His Excellency Chris Vihruri with the CPSC Director General Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub.

The STEPS OJS was developed to cater to a wider range of readers and invite more contributors for the journal. It provides an online venue for submission of papers by authors, guidance and feedback by editors on the papers and status and decision of editors on the papers. The system was designed to serve as a platform for accessible and faster updates on review and editing status of submitted papers.

The OJS features the latest issue of STEPS, announcements and guidelines for paper submissions. Feedbacks from readers on the journal are also entertained by the system. The system is in line with CPSC’s green initiatives of less use of paper but more dynamic sharing and exchange of information.