Proceedings of the 11th PACUIT National Conference

The Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) partnered with the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities of Industrial Technology (PACUIT), Inc. and Cebu Technological University in successfully organizing the 11th PACUIT National Conference with the theme “Harnessing Quality Assurance to meet the Challenges of New Emerging Technology” held from April 22 to 24, 2013 at the Cebu Business Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines. This conference is an annual event for PACUIT where academic experts and professionals from the academe and industry come together to discuss rising issues that concern industrial technology colleges and universities while being a venue for launching new researches, exhibits and innovations in industrial technology.

A very first tripartite collaborative effort of CPSC, PACUIT and CTU, the conference aimed to bring forth advocacies for quality orientation in technical education in keeping abreast with the fast changing technology and in order to respond to the emerging issues and trends in the globalized era.

This special publication compiles proceedings of the two-day conference attended by 243 academicians, researchers, professionals from related industries and experts in technology education. Issues expounding the theme were discussed by resource speakers through theme paper and research paper presentations including open forum which were covered by five sessions within the two days.

Day one covered session one which was focused on the topic (1) Alternative Construction Technologies for Reinforced Low Cost Housing, Utilized Bamboo in the Philippines, and session two which discussed (2) Renewable Energy 101/Photovallaic Systems. Day two on the other hand, comprised three sessions which imparted presentations on (1) Supply Chain Management, (2) Strategies in Integrating Environmental Management to Tertiary Instruction and Research and (3) Quality Assurance through International Accreditation. The second day of the Conference also featured research paper presentations, grouped into six tracks namely, (1) Administration/Management of Industrial Technology Program (2) Teaching Innovation (3) Electricity/Electronics/Automotive and Control Systems (4) Automation and Control Systems (5) Innovation and (6) Food Processing, Packing, Handling and Storing. The last presentation featuring the topic Human Resource Requirement: 6 National Conference on Harnessing Quality Assurance to Meet the Challenges of the New and Emerging Technology the Industry Perspective/HGST’s Integrated University Program (IUP) was delivered at the last plenary session.

This fruitful collaboration brought to fore major issues on enhancing quality assurance in education in the pursuit of producing and developing a workforce in the 21st century that will contribute to the productivity and global competitiveness of the country, the Philippines, through technical education. Various related issues were also discussed such as sustainable development, green growth, migration, industry’s human resources requirements and international accreditation.