KoreaTech Students with (from left to right) Dr. Lee Sang Soon, Dean of External Cooperation, Koreatech, Dr. Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General, and CPSC Faculty Members, Dr. Godelyn Hisole and Dr. Hazrat Hussain

CPSC welcomed this year’s second batch of students from the Korea University of Technology and Education (KoreaTech) for the 6th CPSC-KoreaTech Special Internship Program as a testament to its continuing commitment to provide human resources development programs suited to the needs of the member countries.

The program which ran from February 11-28, 2013 included lectures on proper communication and job skills, emerging technologies, knowledge management and research and development. Ten (10) students from KoreaTech who are pursuing Bachelor Degrees in Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Management participated in the program.

The Dean of External Cooperation and Professor in Mechatronics Engineering Department of KoreaTech, Prof. Lee Sang Soon headed the entire delegation to observe the program dynamics. Facilitation of the entire program was led by Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General as Program Supervisor, Dr. Godelyn Hisole, CPSC Faculty Specialist as Program Coordinator and Dr. Hazrat Hussain, CPSC Faculty Consultant as one of the Resource Persons.

With the aim of enhancing the capacity of Korea Tech students, the program was filled with activities which were expected to be able to: (1) develop awareness on soft skills required for professional efficiency; (2) equip students with comprehension on the concepts of Research and Development in Technical and Vocational Education and Training and understanding of research tools and methodologies; (3) provide understanding on various cultures; and (4) impart practical work experiences related to their future work.

Dr. Naim, on behalf of the college, warmly acknowledged the positive feedback from previous KoreaTech batches of students and vowed to continually provide optimum and gainful experience to the present and future KoreaTech students. He said that it is vital that CPSC ensures the enhancement of the program’s goals. Dr. Lee affirmed CPSC’s excellent service in providing customized programs and related services and reiterates his institution’s continued support to the programs of the College. He further wished for stronger cooperation between CPSC and KoreaTech in educating their students.

Aside from in-house lectures and tasks, the College also arranged a 5-day study tour and industrial immersion to Toyota Motors Philippines where they were exposed to practical and technical experiences in car making technologies. A half-day study visit to ABS-CBN media headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines also aided in exposing them to experiences in media-related services. Cultural visits and tours around Manila, Tagaytay and Anawangin Cove in Zambales were also made to better acquaint the delegates on the different tourist spots in the country.

At the end of the program the participants gave positive feedbacks on the organization and management of the program with some suggestions for CPSC to continuously provide excellent services to its clientele. The CPSC Director General on behalf of the CPSC team wished the ten student-participants, whom he called--the “best batch”, very successful careers and bright futures and hoped that the program had completely imparted their expectations of a valuable but enjoyable learning experience.