The Federal Republic of Nepal is celebrating its Federal Republic day which commemorates the historic first meeting of the Constituent Assembly endorsing a proposal to amend the interim constitution implementing the declaration of Nepal as a federal democratic republic on May 28, 2008. The proposal also stated that the King will lose all perks and privileges except his rights as a common citizen. The Narayanhity royal palace will be turned into a national museum or used in national interest as deemed necessary by the government.

Last year celebrations were celebrated for three days starting on May 27 and ending on May 29 in a grand manner, ‘The Rising Nepal’ of today writes. The celebration last year marked the promulgation of a new constitution and has historical importance.

This year, the government has formed various committees to celebrate the Republic Day on May 27, 28, and 29. The state-run Radio Nepal and Nepal Television and other private media will run various programs highlighting the Republic Day.

The president, the vice president, the prime minister, the chief justice, and the constituent assembly chairman will participate in the Republic Day ceremony on May 27. The government will hold a formal program on May 28 at Khula Manch in Kathmandu. Nepal Television and Radio Nepal will air the event live. (Source:

The Colombo Plan Staff College conveys its warmest congratulations to the Government of Nepal for this auspicious day and wishes them the best in attaining their respective goals.