The Federal Republic of Nepal celebrated its Federal Republic Day on May 28, 2012, which commemorates the historic first meeting of the Constituent Assembly that endorsed a proposal to amend the interim constitution implementing the declaration of Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic. The proposal also states that the King will lose all perks and privileges except his rights as a common citizen. The Narayanhity royal palace will be turned into a national museum or used in national interest as deemed necessary by the government.
President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav observed a special event organized at the Army Pavilion at Tundikhel capital which marks the 5th Republic Day-2012. Present during the event were the Honorable Vice-President Parmanand Jha, Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Republic Day Celebration Main Committee, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi, high-ranking army and police officials, civil servants and representatives of the diplomatic missions.
On this momentous occasion, a banner reading the Republic Day-2069 B.S. was significantly displayed and fresh flowers showered from two hovering helicopters, while the Nepal Army, Nepal Police, armed Police Force, and Nepal Scouts performed the march-past.
Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai addressed his countrymen during the celebration and said that the people should be very proud of such a historic achievement, for having gained a republic status despite the challenges and struggles hurdled in drawing up the constitution. He said that the there is no other alternative but to move ahead into the direction of economic prosperity through maintaining lasting peace in the country. This can all be done by making all parties united, forgetting each other’s weaknesses, misunderstanding and mutual bitterness of the past. He also added that the country’s main agenda was economic prosperity and the government exerts all efforts in this regard, the PM said, adding that everyone should work hard to address the people’s expectations by concluding the challenges of the political transition.
The Colombo Plan Staff College conveys its warmest congratulations to the Government of Nepal for this auspicious day and wishes the Nepali people the best in attaining their respective goals.