An online customized program specifically organized to guide Don Bosco institutes in the Philippines to implement research in TVET was held from November 3-4, 2022. A total of 45 TVET administrators, instructors and staff members participated in the program.

The program was successful in providing a tangible and easy solution to the problem of appreciating research methods and its significance in institutional development, The central objective is to impart creative, simple, and easy ways for institutions and their stakeholders to process, understand and apply the scientific method of research in their activities, particularly in developing proposals, papers, and other academic pursuits. The long-term aim of the program is to strengthen not only the technical knowledge of research but to address the intimidation and stereotypes regarding research that may have prevented its total appreciation.

“Defining research” as one of the topics discussed during the 2-day program.

The CPSC Director General, Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe supervised the preparations of the program, while the coordination and delivery of sessions were executed by Dr. Kesavan Ulaganathen, CPSC Faculty Consultant. Mr. Rae Emmanuel Echaveria, CPSC Research, Publications and Information Officer, delivered his presentations and assisted in the facilitation of the sessions, while Ms. Jhenelyn Asedillas, Research Focal of the Don Bosco-One TVET Philippines, shared and discussed about the Don Bosco’s Research Plan in one of the sessions. CPSC's Director General and Fr. Jose Dindo Vitug, Head of the Don Bosco-One TVET Philippines graced the opening ceremonies of the program held on November 3, 2022. In his speech, Fr. Vitug recognized the need for the strengthened research and development culture in the institution and called for vigorous strategies to further ensure that all Don Bosco institutes are adept in this field. His observations are seconded by Prof. Wickramasinghe who also advocated for a more effective approach towards research and development.

Prof. Wickramasinghe, Director General of CPSC (left) and Fr. Vitug (right), head of the Don Bosco-One TVET Institute, delivering their opening speeches.

The two-day event focused on the following topics: (1) Understanding the Research Problem and Overview of the Process and (2) Formulating the Research Background, Review of the Related Literature and Methodology. An orientation regarding Don Bosco’s research framework and institutional strategy was also embarked to orient the participants about the specific expectations of Don Bosco. These lectures were delivered by Dr. Ulaganathen, Mr. Echaveria and Ms. Asedillas, respectively.

Dr. Kesavan (left), Mr. Rae Echaveria (center) and Ms. Jhen Asedillas (right) during the proceedings

Mr. Rae Echaveria providing his assessment on the proposal presented by Don Bosco Cebu

The program ended on a high note as the participants were able to submit a total of 28 institutional research proposals following the IMRAD model (Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussions). They were able to present it to the panel and were able to get pointers on how to further ensure its implementability. The program also ended on a high note as the participants expressed their anticipation for a face-to-face workshop and session to be held in one of the Don Bosco Institutes in the Philippines.

Sample of the Researh Template followed by Don Bosco as presented by Ms. Jhen Asedillas