15-18 Dec 2020 (4 hrs/day for 4 days)
20-21/SORPFT01 (Online Program)
Project Manager, Digital Innovation Officer or Manager, Financial Analyst, Administrators on the finance areas of government ministries/departments/institutions/companies/agencies operating/managing the financial areas/sector

Special Feature: Speakers from the Financial Industries of South Korea
Online Platform delivery by Busan Foundation for International Cooperation, (BFIC) Korea


The digital and FinTech revolution is rapidly transforming the financial industry. The use of digital technologies is the norm, and together with regulatory and market changes it is creating a revolution. FinTech technologies are disrupting traditional financial services and offer lucrative business opportunities to companies who understand the market and stay at the cutting edge of this fast-developing area.

The financial sectors in varied countries have embarked on adopting technology in offering products and services. Although, there is a drive for rapid development in the adoption of technology in the financial sector; the knowledge and skills required still needs to be improved; and the financial sector needs to learn much more from the countries who have move fast in adopting technologies, such as South Korea. Various developing countries need to learn from the experiences of Korean Financial sector in the areas of digital innovation, cyber security and digital products and services, among others.

This training is led by industry experts and cover a variety of topics including the smart digital finance, financial processes and policies of fintech hub center, blockchain technologies and depository securities in South Korea.


At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Learn frameworks for effective strategies to tackle the disruption driven by rapid innovation and new regulations in the financial industry.
  • Understand the recent financial trends, development, processes and policies of technology in the financial sector in S. Korea
  • Learn about the Fintech, their uses and the fintech hub center in the financial sector in S. Korea
  • Gain awareness on how smart digital finance works in S. Korea
  • Comprehend about the blockchain technologies of S. Korea
  • Understand the financial depository securities in S. Korea
  • Adapt and apply the knowledge learned about the financial sector technological trends modelled by Korea to the financial industry of Nepal

Main Contents
  • Digital Transformation of Financial Services
  • Recent Trends and Application of FinTech in S. Korea
  • Understanding Smart Digital Finance in S. Korea - Development Process, Policies, Fintech Hub Center
  • Busan : Regulation-free zone for Blockchain technologies
  • Case studies of FinTech in S. Korea
  • Korea Securities Depository Services
  • How to Apply the Model of Korea’s Financial Technology

Registration, and Other Important Information

Registration is on a first come first served basis. A letter of confirmation will be sent once the minimum ten (10) participants is met on or before December 8, 2020. Please register through this site to confirm your attendance to the program.

If any organization would like to conduct this program solely for their group, CPSC will prepare and send a customized program proposal and costing.

Facilities Required
  • Minimum 5Mbps Broadband Internet
  • Desktop/ Laptop Computer with Webcam, Microphone, Speakers or Earphones
  • Chrome Browser or any HTML5 Compliant Browser