IRPCT officers and staff led by IRPCT Managing Director Dr. Phothiwat Paopongchuang together with the APACC Team during the opening ceremony.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This seems to be IRPC Technological College’s (IRPCT) vision as they embark on their journey to excellence through the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) On-Site Visit last September 2-4, 2019 in Rayong, Thailand.

IRPCT students performing 3 traditional Thai dances during the inaugural program. The much-anticipated event was inaugurated through an opening ceremony held at the college auditorium. Present were IRPCT Managing Director Dr. Phothiwat Paopongchuang, APACC Special Advisor Dr. Paiboon Saiyawongs, Ms. Khansawat Hinthaow from Songkhla Vocational College, and the APACC team composed of Lead Accreditor Dr. Romulita C. Alto, Member Accreditor Dr. Vijay Patil, and Documentation Officer Jan Michael Marasigan. IRPCT officers also witnessed the program, as well as the students who also performed traditional Thai dances which served as the highlight of the opening event.

The APACC team together with the designated staff proceeded with the site tour to check the facilities and amenities of the college. This was followed by the interview proper, wherein team leaders for the 7 criterion presented relevant information to the panel to validate their statements and claims which are vital to the audit.

The APACC Team during the college tour. Accreditors inspected the facilities and interacted with the staff and students together with the IRPCT team leaders.

Deputy Director Ms. Supphapon Phuaphanprasong presenting IRPCT’s Image and Sustainability (Criterion 5).

An Exit Meeting concluded the visit on the afternoon of September 4, where the qualitative findings of the audit team were delivered to IRPCT’s officer and staff by Dr. Alto. This was followed by the closing remarks from Dr. Paopongchuang, thanking everyone for the dedication and hardwork they contributed to ensure the success of the visit. The entire IRPC Technological College now eagerly awaits for the final results of the audit, with high hopes of earning the most-coveted Gold Certification.

Making work fun brings success to those who do. Auditors and auditees having a light moment during a quick break.

IRPC Technological College (formerly known as TPI Technological College) is created through the collaboration of IRPC Public Company, Ltd. and its parent company PTT Group to be a center of education and training in Rayong Province and in the entire Thailand. Aiming to be one of the top petrochemical and energy TVET colleges in the ASEAN region, they continue to uplift and develop the quality of education, and produce qualified skilled workforce through their school-to-factory learning model in line with the nation’s policy of making Thailand ready for the Industrial Revolution 4.0.