PROGRAM CODE: 19-20/WEB03 (Webinar)
DATE AND TIME: 15 Apr 2020
9:30am Afghanistan | 10:00am Maldives, Pakistan | 10:30am India, Sri Lanka | 10:45am Nepal | 11:00am Bangladesh, Bhutan | 11:30am Myanmar | 12:00nn Thailand | 1:00pm China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore | 3:00pm Papua New Guinea | 5:00pm Fiji
TARGET GROUP: Teachers, administrators and practitioners of TVET

Webinar Presentations

Background and Focus

CPSC is committed to developing and enhancing the technician education systems of its member countries through the quality education and training in TVET. However, the whole world is nowadays facing an acute pressure due to COVID -19 issue. CPSC therefore wish to continue its efforts towards its commitment as stated above and accordingly take this opportunity to deliver its training program through online mode viz. WEBINAR for the benefits of its stakeholders.

A webinar is an engaging online event where a speaker, or small group of speakers, deliver a presentation to a large audience who participate interactively through a real-time conversation by submitting and responding questions, and using other available interactive tools. Thus, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements i.e. The ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time.

There are many sayings or aphorisms in education, great words of wisdom, and sincere advice from countless sources. It is needless to say that the best and effective teachers are good planners and thinkers. The success of professional teachers doesn't "just happen." The road to success for teachers requires commitment and practice, especially of those skills involved in planning lessons and learning activities, and in managing classroom behavior. Planning lessons, though its implementation being a long-time activity, is a fundamental skill all teachers must develop and improve consistently and fall under the core skills of a teacher.

For a TVET System to be able to play its role effectively, it is important to ensure that there exits an enabling and TVET friendly environment that can be achieved by putting in place harmonized teaching and learning environment through appropriate instructional design and appropriate teaching strategy. Therefore, creating a lesson plan is an important aspect of instructional design. A lesson is an organized set of activities designed to present one manageable sized piece of an academic course content and is different than the lecture. The purpose of a lesson plan is really quite simple; it is to communicate. The lesson plan is to guide TVET teacher in organizing learning material and himself for the purpose of helping students to achieve intended learning outcomes.

Thus, a key principle in creating a lesson plan is specificity. Lesson plans allow the TVET teachers to create and articulate learning objectives, organize and deliver course content, and plan and prepare learning activities and materials. It also outlines the type of informal or formal assessment methods, that TVET faculty will use in their classrooms. It is also an effective instrument to implement the TVET curriculum for achieving specific educational goals and objectives and check whether the desired outcomes are clear and specific in behavioral and observable terms with focus on products or ends.

In this context, this Webinar on the topic, “Lesson Plan Development for TVET teachers” has been planned for the TVET teachers of all member countries to discusses some of the basic concepts, principles and to explore the approaches for building and developing an effective lesson plan.


  • To offer online training seminar for TVET teachers of CPSC member countries.
  • To understand the importance of the concept of lesson plan development in TVET.
  • To share the components/elements of lesson plan.
  • To develop a lesson plan for the given content of TVET.

Facilities Required

To join the webinar, each participant should have the following:

  • Minimum 2Mbps Broadband Internet
  • Desktop/Laptop Computer or Mobile Device with Earphones and Mic
    • Chrome Browser or any HTML5 Compliant Browser
    • Google Account (Gmail) for Hangouts Meet