The TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) Women’s Center (TWC), Philippines subjected itself once again to the evaluation of the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) through an on-site revisit held on June 18-19, 2018. This is the fourth of such activity by APACC to the institution, with the previous visits held in 2008, 2012, and 2015.

The APACC team assigned to this onsite revisit is composed of the Team Leader, Dr. Romulita C. Alto from the Philippines; Team Member, Dr. Panyachart Wongpanya from Thailand; and APACC Staff member, Mr. Jan Michael Marasigan. Colombo Plan Staff College’s (CPSC) Faculty Specialist, Ms. Therese Lee, attended the proceedings as an Observer.

The visit was inaugurated through an opening program held at TWC’s Tandang Sora Hall. This was attended by the TESDA National Capital Region (NCR) Regional Director Mr. Cenon M. Querubin, TWC Chief Ms. Maria Clara B. Ignacio, the APACC Onsite Visit Team and the rest of the teaching and non-teaching staff. The Gintong Lahi Dance Company from the St. Francis of Assisi College, a TESDA Accredited Assessment Center, led the doxology and showcased traditional Filipino dances through a cultural presentation during the inauguration of the visit.

A summary of the actions taken by TWC regarding the recommendations of the previous onsite visit was presented by Ms. Ignacio. This also included the additional measures they have undergone for the improvement of the center. Through this, they reiterated their desire to achieve the highest APACC certification level. A site tour and interview with the team leaders and staff of TWC ensued afterwards.

After the extensive information validation which lasted for two days, the onsite visit was concluded during the exit meeting on the afternoon of June 19. The TWC’s staff and personnel were all smiles as Ms. Ignacio thanked everyone for their hard work, and for putting all of their best efforts in ensuring a fruitful and successful recertification. This was seconded by Dr. Alto, who then presented the qualitative findings of the onsite visit. Both quantitative and qualitative results will be presented to the APACC Board together with the supporting documents for deliberation, resulting in the final certification status.

The TWC started as the National Vocational Training and Development Center for Women, established in 1993 and inaugurated in 1998 through the efforts of the late senator and champion of women’s causes in the Philippines, Leticia Ramos Shahani. Now in its 20th year, TWC continues its mandate in empowering Filipino women through their holistic and inclusive approach to training which provides them employable and marketable skills not only for wage employment, but for self-employment as well. Their programs also include life skills training, which ensures a multi-faceted development for their students.

The APACC Team at work

(Left photo) A trainer explaining the competency chart of the Food Processing Program to Dr. Wongpanya
(Right photo) The APACC team relaying the initial feedback of the onsite visit to the TWC staff members