In continuation of the successful two-week program held in CPSC, Philippines, the 19 delegates from the CPSC member countries went to the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, China for the second leg of the Special International Program on Technopreneurship, E-Commerce and Pedagogy Concepts. The three-week program was conducted in the main campus of the Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics (ZJTIE) from April 22, 2018 until May 12, 2018.

This joint program organized by CPSC and ZJTIE was realized on the need to expose the member country participants to actual technopreneurship and e-commerce practices in China, considered to be a world leader in this field. The program organizers realized that there is a pressing need to reorient TVET to be more need-based, effective, dynamic and responsive to the rapid change in technology, mindset and practice. In keeping track towards globalization and integration of economies, a knowledge on e-commerce and technopreneurship, as well as its application to real scenarios, is necessary and relevant.

The program was made possible through the efforts of CPSC, led by the Director General, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane; and ZJTIE, represented by the Vice President of ZJTIE, Prof. Huang Chunlin and the Project Director of the External Affairs Office & International Education Center, Mr. Tony Zheng. In an earlier occasion, both sets of officials signed a Memorandum of Agreement which officially laid out the terms of future partnerships between two highly esteemed institutions.

The three-week training of the participants achieved the following milestones:

  • Enable them to deeply understand how technopreneurial ventures are able to achieve growth and improve local and global competitiveness;
  • Facilitate their efforts to describe the profile of a successful technopreneurship;
  • Encourage to develop a mindset that stresses entrepreneurial teaching and learning; and
  • Identify and apply the uses and benefits of e-commerce.

In addition, the program tackled the following topics:

  1. Technopreneurship as a vehicle to facilitate prosperity
  2. What Technopreneurship is & What does it take to be a technopreneur?
  3. Organizational Excellence through Management of Technopreneurship
  4. Role of TVET in lifelong career growth & development in Technopreneurship
  5. The Influence and Role of Technopreneurship to the Youth Small Business
  6. Master Trainer and Qualities
  7. Advance Training of Trainers Pedagogy modules Introduction to e-commerce
  8. Information on e-commerce
  9. E-commerce in the Philippines/China
  10. Operations and Management of e-commerce

The participants were officially welcomed to the event on April 23, 2018 which was graced with some of the high officials of ZJTIE. Notable persons who attended include: Prof. Shao Qingxiang, President of ZJTIE; Dr. Rupert Maclean, the Founding Director of UNESCO-UNEVOC and the current UNESCO Chair on TVET and Sustainable Development; Ms.Wu Changhong, Publicity Department Director of the of CCECPA and representatives from the education and industry sectors in China.

The participants were also able to visit some of the notable places of Chinese higher education and industry. In particular, the visited the headquarters of, Zhejiang University, the China office of NetEase, Yiwu International Trade City and the Zhejiang Construction Technical College.

For three days, they were dispersed into different groups and were made to experience actual internship practices on e-commerce and technopreneurship. This is in partnership with local companies and in consultation with local entrepreneurs.

The closing ceremony was held on May 12, 2018. Notable officials from CPSC namely the Faculty Consultant, Dr. Chithral Ambawatte and the Training and Development Division Assistant, Mr. Jan Michael Marasigan, represented the Director General in the event. They relayed the message of appreciation from CPSC to ZJTIE for the successful organization of the program and hopes for similar engagements in the near future.

Pictures of the Events

(Left photo) Mr. Shanti Ranjan Sarkar from Bangladesh introducing himself to the participants of the program
(Right photo) Dr. Rupert McLean, the Founding Director of UNESCO-UNEVOC and the current UNESCO Chair on TVET and Sustainable Development, attending the opening ceremony on April 23, 2018.

(Left photo) Professor Chen Lineng, the Director of the Academic Committee of the National e-commerce Professional Vocational Education commission, delivering his presentation about the teacher steering committee’s innovation work. He was the former president of ZJTIE
(Right photo) Prof. Chandler Huang, ZJTIE Vice President, briefing the participants regarding the Chinese education system.

The participants attending a sculpture workshop during their exposure class to Chinese calligraphy, paintings and visual arts.

The participants during their internship sessions in several Hangzhou-based companies.

The participants during the classroom sessions

A demonstration of the traditional tea-making ceremony by ZJTIE students

Picture of the participants with ZJTIE and CPSC officials upon the receipt of their respective certificates.

The participants presenting a sample of their calligraphy during the China TVET week activity held on May 5, 2018.