This year’s In-Country program in the Philippines was held at the National TVET Trainers Academy in Marikina City, Philippines on May 21 to 25, 2018. Planned to be conducted in two batches, the first group of participants is composed of 37 administrators from the VET schools administered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

The program was organized with a realization that TVET has to develop and promote sustainable TVET programs in order to contribute to achieving the SDGs. Greening or sustainable TVET is the key area of the Education for Social Development (ESD). The lectures are designed for the participants to facilitate the handover of an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable earth to the future generation through TVET. Thus, a development of knowledge, skills and attitudes of human resources to make clean, green, healthy and prosperous environment should be considered as a priority and are considered as core practices for this period (2015-2030) and beyond.

Dr. Lamichhane (center) supervising the tasks of the participants. The five-day event was jointly organized by CPSC led by its Director General, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, and TESDA, led by the Director General, Sec. Guiling Mamondiong. Program resources were furnished by CPSC’s Faculty Consultant, Dr. Chithral Ambawatte. Local logistics was facilitated by the Director of the National Institute for Technical Education and Skills Development (NITESD), Mr. Elmer K. Talavera. Additional resources meanwhile were provided by the Visiting Faculty Consultant, Dr. Romulita Alto and the Faculty Specialist, Ms. Therese Lee.

Study visits were also embarked to supplement the classroom discussions with an onsite demonstration of green TVET initiatives. The group visited the Tulay sa Don Bosco Foundation in Alabang, La Mesa Eco Park, and the University of the Philippines Task Force on Solid Waste Management on May 23, 2018. These visits facilitated a more thorough internalization of green TVET practices and concepts.

To further supplement the lectures with an in-depth discussion on the recent trends from the industries and government offices are concerned, a Panel Discussion on “Transforming TVET for Sustainable Development” was organized on May 24, 2018. In attendance were some of the esteemed professionals in the field of green TVET and sustainable development namely: Ms. Gwyneth Ann Palmos (National Project Coordinator, Just Transition to a Green Economy, ILO, Manila), Mr. Celestino Millar (Chief TESD Specialist, TESDA Planning Office); Ms. Patty Orante (Representative, Solid Waste Management Office of Quezon City), Ms. Rosie Dones and Prof. Armando Basug (Representatives from the University of the Philippines Task Force on Solid Waste management) and Dr. Lamichhane himself. The panel was moderated by Dr. Ambawatte.

Overall, the program received a positive feedback from the participants and it is hoped that another similar program will be organized for another batch, tentatively planned on July 16-20, 2018.

The participants on the program during classroom activities

The program participants at the Tulay sa Don Bosco Foundation, Alabang.

Dr. Ambawatte (left) and Dr. Alto (right) during their respective lectures