APACC, in its continuing effort to assist Technical Vocational institutions (TVIs) in their journey towards achieving quality through accreditation and certification, conducted an on-site visit (OSV) to Lupon School of Fisheries (LSF), Lupon, Davao Oriental, Philippines from May 28-29, 2013.

The APACC team headed by the Team Leader, Dr. Romulita Alto, APACC Accreditor, with Team Member, Dr. Godelyn Hisole, CPSC Faculty Specialist and Arlene Cruz, APACC staff for LSF OSV, facilitated a thorough assessment and validation of all the documents, activities, projects and facilities of LSF. The Accreditors toured the Main Campus of LSF including their campus for Aquaculture cum Fish Processing or the CENTEX (Center of Excellence in Aquaculture)—a 30-minute drive from the main campus.

The Lupon School of Fisheries headed by Ms. Ruth Pundang, Vocational School Administrator III, presented their accomplishments in the field of aquaculture and other vocational qualifications, including their efforts towards green environment. The on-site activity was fully supported by the Faculty, Office Staff, and students of LSF with the active cooperation of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) led by Mr. El Cid H. Castillo, OIC-Provincial Director, TESDA Davao Oriental.

LSF was established through Republic Act 298 -an act establishing a school of fisheries in the municipality of Lupon, Province of Davao Oriental to be known as Lupon School of Fisheries in November 1982. It envisions to be the leading technical institution committed to the pursuit of excellence in technical-vocational education, training and research and positive work values that will contribute to society’s economic, social and moral being.

This assessment and validation on LSF was undertaken against the standards of the new APACC instrument.

Dr. Romulita Alto (center), APACC Accreditor and Team Leader and Dr. Godelyn Hisole (far right), APACC Accreditor and Team Member, review documents being presented by LSF Faculty Mamber Mrs. Naida Lasangre.

Photos (L-R): 1) Signage at the entrance of LSF Centex; 2) Harvesting Bangus (Milkfish) from the rearing pond; 3) LSF Faculty showing off freshly harvested bangus (milkfish)

Photos (L-R): 1) Signage for rearing ponds for variety of seafood; 2) A student of Food Processing/ Packaging preparing bottled products; and 3) A bottled Bangus in Corn Oil, one of LSF’s specialties