APACC Team with NLPC Focal on Research and Development

The Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) conducted an on-site visit of New Lucena Polytechnic College (NLPC), Iloilo on April 18 – 19, 2013. This 2-day accreditation activity was undertaken by APACC Team Leader Dr. Hazrat Hussain, CPSC Faculty Consultant, and Dr. Godelyn Hisole, CPSC Faculty Specialist as Team Member. The accreditors validated NLPC’s Self Study Report and gathered evidences during the on-site visit.

New Lucena Polytechnic College was established by virtue of RA 8596 and commenced its operations on March 18, 1998. NLPC is envisioned to become a center of excellence with global distinction as it is committed to produce globally competitive and values-oriented graduates through quality lifelong learning to ensure productivity, employability and customer satisfaction. At present, NLPC offers subject-based training in Midwifery, Hospitality Services, Skill-based Vocational Programs, Information Technology; and TESDA approved 19 competency-based TVET programs, including shield metal arc welding (SMAW), CNC milling and lathe machine operations, housekeeping, commercial cooking, household services, caregiving, health care services, computer hardware servicing, etc. One important feature of NLPC is the operation of DOH-recognized hospital that extends services to the local community.

Ms. Gina Sophia Mondejar, NLPC Vocational School Administrator, led the faculty and staff members in welcoming the APACC team of accreditors. NLPC was assessed according to the seven APACC accreditation criteria, i.e. Governance and Management; Teaching and Learning; Faculty and Staff; Research and Development; Extension, Consultancy and Linkages; Resources; and Support to Students. Formal evaluation of the on-site visit will be communicated to NLPC after approval from the APACC Board.