The In-Country Program (ICP) on Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA), a collaborative program of CPSC and the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Ministry of Education, Thailand, commenced on Monday, March 25, 2013 at the Town Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The inaugural ceremonies was attended by 45 program participants from the different regions in Thailand, CPSC and OVEC officials and guests.

Mr. Chaipreuk Sereerak, OVEC’s Secretary General, graced the occasion and officiated the opening of the program. In his opening speech, he conveyed appreciations to CPSC for once again conducting the ICP in Thailand. He encouraged the participants to avail such opportunity of learning from CPSC’s expertise to gain deeper understanding about Competency-Based Training and Assessment, in particular how to operationalize it in practice. He acknowledged the unique way in which CPSC delivers its programs to member countries that has been its trademark.

The CPSC Director General, Dr. Naim Yaakub, graced the opening ceremonies and in response to OVEC Secretary General, he underscored the importance of Thailand in CPSC and commended OVEC for being an effective focal point for CPSC in Thailand that makes OVEC such a pleasure to work with over the years. The DG also echoed the increasing significance of transferable skills and competencies across the region, particularly with the advent of the ASEAN Community 2015 which is looming around the corner. He said that such a regional economic and social community would see the liberalization of products, services and workforce in ASEAN which would pre-necessitate competencies and skills that are transferable and recognized across the borders. He further stated that, beyond ASEAN and into the greater Asia Pacific region, all these regional integration development indicates the need for a regional quality assurance mechanism to be put in place and subscribed by the member countries. The DG expressed hope that the issue of regional quality assurance model would be the theme for the upcoming Regional Program in Thailand in July 2013.

Also present during the opening were Program Coordinator Dr. Godelyn Hisole, CPSC Faculty Consultant; and OVEC officials such as Dr. Jareya Suthidech, Director of Standards and Qualifications Bureau, Ms. Siriyupa Phurirak, Bureau of Policy and Planning who also acted as the program’s Local Coordinator; Ms. Uraiwan Wannasilapa, and Mr. Rangsan Thepmondho.

The CPSC DG conducted a Special Lecture on Skills for Life at the hotel during the opening day. While other lectures will be delivered under 3 major modules namely, Module 1: Overview of Competency-Based Training in TVET System; Module 2: Occupational Analysis: DACUM Approach; and Module 3: Overview of Competency-Based Assessment. Upon completion of the program, the participants are expected to be able to explain the Competency-Based Training and Assessment system vis-à-vis its importance in the competency development of craftsmen/technicians; and apply DACUM approach to Competency-Based Training and develop a Competency-Based Training package for selected occupations in industries and/or services in the country.

More lectures and other activities of the five-day program proceeded at the Intarachai Commercial College, Bangkok and will run up to March 29, 2013.

A National Seminar focusing on the Current State and Emerging Trends, Issues and Challenges in TVET Systems will be held within the program on March 27, 2013 in the same venue. The seminar aims to provide valuable information and knowledge on the current status and emerging trends in Thailand TVET CBT systems; explain the implication of quality assurance in TVET; and enhance knowledge on green culture vis-à-vis TVET competencies and skills.

Front row: DG of CPSC, Dr. Naim Yaakub, 5th from left; Program Coordinator, Dr. Godelyn Hisole, 6th from left; Middle row: Local Coordinator, Ms. Siriyupa Phurirak, 13th from right; Ms. Uraiwan Wannasilapa, 2nd from left; and Mr. Rangsan Thepmondhoi, 3rd from right; and other participants and officials from Thailand in a group photo.

CPSC DG delivers his Special Lecture "Skills for Life". Bottom right: Cameo of DG

CPSC DG Dr. Naim (center) hands over CPSC token to OVEC Sec-Gen Mr. Chaipreuk Sereerak (rightmost) while Dr. Hisole, Program Coordinator looks on (leftmost).