The Future Movers Program (FMP) pursued to organize training of presidents, administrators, managers, heads and supervisors of TVET institutes/schools in Marawi City and surrounding areas through a four-day online program from June 21-24, 2021. The third FMP Training Program on TVET Institute Management for Global Competitiveness, follows the success of the two batches of training held from April 6-8 and May 24-27, respectively.

For this batch, 35 representatives from 12 technical-vocational institutes (TVIs) participated in the program, these are the following:

  • Sunlight Skills Training and Assessment Center
  • Kakadatu Technical School and Assessment Center
  • Hope Healthcare Institute, Inc.
  • H. Hassan Institute of Technology
  • 4J&E Technical School, Inc.
  • North Pacific Technical Skills Training Center
  • Christian Horizon School, Inc.
  • Touché Technical Institute
  • MANA Millennium Technical School
  • Unified Technological Skills Academy
  • Amarah Technical Schools and Assessment Center
  • Marawi Skills Training Center Service Cooperative

The program was held with an idea that in order to be competitive in this century, one of the perceived bottlenecks in effecting change in TVET institutions relates to the lack of change leaders and a lack of capacity to develop a vision and implement change. The program aimed to transform that by developing transformative leaders who have clear visions, sound thematic knowledge base and have the skills to drive change.

Topics discussed during the program were the following: (1) TVET Institutes Management for the Global Competitiveness; (2) Instructional Management; (3) Application of ICT and Digital Skills in Institutional Management and Teaching and (4) Management of 21st Century skills and IR 4.0 for TVET programs. To assess the readiness and knowledge of the participants, they were asked to develop a curriculum structure integrating 21st century skills & IR 4.0 and also develop ICT tools or mobile apps for monitoring and teaching.

The training was supervised by Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, CPSC Director General and coordinated by Engr. Sanyog Bhattarai, CPSC Faculty Specialist with additional learnings provided by Engr. Abdul Ghani Rajput, CPSC Faculty Specialist.

The program was opened formally on June 21, 2021 in which key members of the Future Movers Program attended the program. The Director of the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST), Mr. Sreenivas Narayanan, welcomed the participants in the program and briefed the participants about the objectives and plans of the FMP.

Ms. Lourdes Mission of MinTVET giving her special remarks during the opening ceremony.

The special guest, Ms. Lourdes Mission, Chairperson of MinTVET, welcomed the participants in her special remarks. She praised the consortium for developing the FMP for the redevelopment and rehabilitation of TVET in Marawi by equipping the TVIs with modern knowledge as they produce competitive graduates that move towards IR 4.0. She encouraged the participants to look towards the future. She said that the efforts are inspiring despite the challenges brought upon by Covid-19.

Topics tackled during the program included: (1) Effective Teaching and Learning Management of TVET Trainers; (2) Vocational Pedagogy Based Instructional Methods and Processes; (3) Application of ICT Tools in Effective Training Delivery and (4) Demonstrating Instructional Competencies to Impart KSA. The participants were also asked to draft a session plan to apply the lessons into actual practice.

Ms. Lina Sarmiento from TESDA giving her congratulatory speech on behalf of the TESDA Director, Dr. Isidro Lapena.

The program was formally closed on May 27, 2021. Ms. Nicole Manalo, the Project Manager of FMP from ASSIST provided her closing remarks. She expressed her gratitude to the members of the consortium, especially CPSC for turning out valuable training programs for the benefit of the stakeholders. She also cited the commitment that the TVI participants have demonstrated and hoped that the lessons learned are valuable in the future. Likewise, Engr. Sanyog Bhattarai and Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane expressed their congratulations to the participants for their eager interest and participation despite the shortage in the duration.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director General for TESD Operations, Ms. Lina Sarmiento, provided congratulatory remarks on behalf of Sec. Isidro Lapena of TESDA-Philippines. She mentioned the importance that the consortium has provided in terms of encouraging dialogue between the stakeholders and TESDA in the acceptance of TVET. She said that TVET can be a tool in rebuilding the economy and the community, and appreciates the initiative of the consortium. She said that the program will have an impact to the development of the post-war Marawi. She also congratulated the participants for gaining relevant insights in further improving their institutes.

Group Picture of the Participants

Participants Feedback

Dr. James Inigo, President of the 4J&E Technical School
“We sincerely express our gratitude on behalf of the TVIs present to the organizers. We learned a lot from the learning activities that we have done during the training, particularly on the use of new technologies and use of online platforms. We also learned the integration of TVT curriculum to the 21st century skills in molding the complete student and be a valuable worker that will meet the global worker demand to become ready for the demands of the worlds. Thirdly, we have learned to improve our curriculum through the integration of the TVET program into the 21st century skills so that the student can learn to adjust to the global expectations.
Ms. Michelle Gay Palasan, School Administrator for the Unified Technological Skills Academy
"We express our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers. For me, this is an eye opener for us because we learned a lot in terms of incorporating technology in the curriculum for the IR 4.0. This equipped us not particularly in managing our institutions and propel the TESDA competencies that we offer. For me, this training is not a walk in the park because of Covid restrictions but because of the support of the organizers, the whole experience was worthwhile and the materials are carefully explained so we fully understood the topics."