The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) is an Inter-governmental International Organization for Human Resources Development. It aims to assist its member countries in developing and enhancing their technical education systems.

CPSC maintains the active membership of 16 countries which are provided with capacity building programs in technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

The main functions of CPSC include:

  • Provide training programs of further professional education and training to persons responsible for the planning, development, administration and supervision of TVET and persons in key supporting roles;
  • Conduct conferences, symposia, and workshops on various aspects of TVET;
  • Manage customized programs on TVET planning, development and evaluation;
  • Undertake research and development projects for knowledge sharing and benchmarking in TVET;
  • Assist member countries in developing their technical teacher education and training facilities;
  • Collect and disseminate information on technical education and training; and
  • Act as a facilitator of member countries in the transformation of the TVET framework by modifying the training and development strategies, program offerings and research and development efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Director General

The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer and legal representative of the Colombo Plan Staff College. S/He is appointed by the Governing Board and is responsible for the operation of the College and the development of its work, and, within the policies and operating guidelines established by the Board. S/he is responsible for reporting to the Governing Board (GB).

With the assistance of Division Chairpersons and Team Leaders, and guidance of the Governing Board, the Director General is responsible for:

Leadership and Strategic Management

  • Lead the staff college by providing strategic direction through the formulation and review of its 5-year Strategic Plan
  • Establish quality policies and objectives in compliance with the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan
  • Introduce innovative and creative ideas/initiatives for the improvement of the staff college’s services and operations
  • Develop coordination and linkages with MCs and other stakeholders

Quality Management and Governance

  • Ensure the availability of resources for quality management system and customer focus activities
  • Ensure effective internal communication through regular conduct of management review and team meetings
  • Submit to the Governing Board annual and mid-year Reports containing operational developments and accomplishments as well as financial standing, income and expenditures for every fiscal year; and serve as member secretary of the Governing Board
  • Conduct GB and Standing Committee (SC) meetings

Operations and Human Resource Management

  • Oversee day to day operations and all academic and administrative undertakings of the Staff College
  • Monitor and manage the implementation of the staff college’s annual operational plan
  • Ensure adequate number of Professional Staff for the implementation of Staff College’s programs, projects and other related undertakings
  • Ensure adequate number of staff member to meet the Staff College’s human resource requirements
  • Manage human resources (Recruitment to Development)

Funding and Budget Management

  • Manage CPSC funds and ensure smart spending on operations and program/project implementation
  • Ensure availability of funds for the Staff College’s operations and sustainability
  • Seek assistance from aid agencies, private foundations, and development partners to augment existing budget for operations and program implementation
  • Negotiate directly with the participating governments for professional staff, fellowships, equipments and books, and funds
  • Manage income generating programs

Membership Management

  • Promote synergic partnership and cooperation with and between CPSC member governments to sustain active collaboration on CPSC programs and activities
  • Ensure sustainability of the staff college by increasing the number of member countries

Networking and Partnership

  • Maintain cooperation with related specialized agencies of the United Nations, ADB, other international organization, regional and national institutions, and development partners with view on promoting the mandate, and implementing programs of the Staff College
  • Undertake collaborative programs, projects and other activities with various organizations in both private and public sector
  • Increase the staff college’s visibility by promoting its programs and activities through attendance and speaking on international forums/seminars/conferences, etc.

Qualifications and Requirements

Basic Requirements

  • Citizen of any active CPSC member country
  • 10 years of working experience in TVET sector in a managerial position
  • Must be below 60 years


Doctoral Degree or equivalent in Technical Education, Educational Administration and Management, Technology Management, Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism, Agriculture, Development Management, or other relevant fields.

Relevant Experience

People and Leadership Skills

  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in a professional or senior-level management position in TVET Training Institutions, national and/or international organizations, or government agencies related to Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and/or skills development
  • Proven leadership skills and track record in managing and motivating diverse teams focused on the following areas: strategic planning and quality management, organizational and financial management, program/project implementation, research and development, capacity building, and information and communication technology.
  • Experience in managing national or international level TVET teacher and staff training institute Experience, as international or national expert/consultant, in managing development projects, related to skills development and technical / technology education and training
  • Proven experience in international networking, outsourcing of funds, income-generation, and negotiation for foreign aids/grants for education and skills development projects
  • Involvement in Professional Organizations related to Education, Project Management, and Quality Assurance

Technical/Academic Knowledge

  • Teaching experience in TVET teacher and professional staff training institute
  • Teaching experience in educational institutions such as Polytechnic Institutions, technical colleges, and technological universities
  • Experience in conducting research and development studies and/or writing publications on various themes related to technical vocational education and training or skills development
  • Contributions in International TVET Conferences and/or experts meeting as paper presenter, keynote speaker, session chair, moderator, etc
  • Excellent command of English Language (writing and speaking) and other national language of any CPSC Member Countries, except mother tongue
  • Proficient in various ICT / IT applications

Desirable Qualifications

Multicultural/International Experience

  • International working experience and in-depth knowledge of CPSC member countries’ TVET system, except home country
  • International experience in working in a multicultural environment or in multinational organization with geographical working experience in another country, other than the home country

Management and Leadership Competencies

  • Lead team and area of responsibility
  • Develop team members
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Develop high performing team
  • Manage team members’ performance
  • Influence and motivate team members

Core Competencies

  • Displays Honesty and Integrity
  • Results Oriented
  • Customer Oriented
  • Collaborates and Fosters Teamwork
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Adaptability to multicultural working environment

Personal Specification/Special Requirements

  • Well groomed and with pleasing personality
  • Enjoys teaching and networking with different levels of people
  • Able to travel internationally
  • Adaptable in any weather condition
  • Able to adjust and work in multicultural and culturally diverse environment

Remuneration and Benefits

A fixed compensation package includes an annual gross salary of US$ 62,837.28 given on a monthly basis (starting salary in step 1 of the prescribed salary scale for the post); fringe benefits are tax-free in the Philippines (for expatriates only); Maximum housing provision of $1800.00 per month; medical allowance of up to a maximum of US$3,000 for the selected candidate and qualified dependents; educational allowance of up to a maximum of 75% of actual fees paid for qualified dependents not exceeding permissible amount; passage allowance for selected candidate, spouse and dependent children on first appointment and on expiration of the candidate’s contract; repatriation grant, home leave fare and accident insurance, in accordance to the prevailing policies of CPSC.

Application Process

Applicants must route their application through official channels and seek his/her respective Government’s endorsement or documentary proof indicating government’s no objection on his application or candidature, particularly from the line ministry’s authorized official or CEO of the designated CPSC Liaison Office.


Such documentary evidence, along with the following application documents and attachments, shall be submitted directly to CPSC by post (certified true copy) and may be sent by email in advance (scanned copy) to CPSC addressed to:

The Screening Committee
(Re: CPSC Director General)

Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education
Building Block C, Department of Education Complex
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City 1600, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 8631 0991
E-mail: [email protected]

(IMPORTANT: Applicants must ensure that all application documents sent through both email and couriers/posts reach CPSC before the application deadline. Application documents received beyond the deadline will not be considered)

Required Application Documents (organized in the following order):

  1. Cover Letter/ Expression of Interest
  2. Duly completed application form
  3. Government endorsement or documentary proof indicating Govt’s no objection on application from line ministry official or CEO of the designated CPSC Liaison Office
  4. Certified true copy of all academic records (graduation certificate/diploma, and transcript of records) and professional eligibility, licenses or qualifications Copies of certificate of employment indicating proof of qualification to the required relevant experience
  5. Copies of journals, papers, reports authored by the applicant
  6. Proof of awards, copyrights, patents, etc, and memberships to professional organizations (if there’s any)
  7. Other evidence to support academic and professional entries in the application form; and
  8. Medical certification indicating fitness to undertake overseas assignments.

Application Deadline

September 29, 2023 | 23:59 (Philippine Standard Time, UTC +8)