What's Inside

GB News

  1. Board convenes 90th GB, special session


Regional Program

  • 3rd Singapore-CPSC Collaborative RP on TVET Program for Government Education Officials

In-Country Program

  1. CPSC, OVEC team up in developing future teacher leaders
  2. CPSC conducts ICP on Accreditation and Certification of TVET Institutions in Mongolia
  3. Two Special ICPs in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka trains Champion Leaders for poverty alleviation

Customized Program

  1. ILO-Bangladesh taps CPSC for VET Managers training

Seminars/Special Program

  1. National Seminar on Building Skills for Employability: Trends and Perspective
  2. CPSC co-organizes Int’l Symposium on Lifelong Learning in Hong Kong


  1. CPSC signs MOU with Sudanese Government, University
  2. DG updates Government of India with SDPA progress
  3. CPSC shares IT expertise in TESDA e-learning workshop
  4. CPSC holds 19th internal quality exercise
  5. TESDA eyes online CBLM with CPSC
  6. CPSC offers prayers for victims of catastrophes in Japan


  1. Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development

Special Feature

  1. CPSC DG receives TVET Leadership Award

Development and TVET Across the World

  1. Challenges and Issues in TVET in the CPSC Member Countries

APACC Update

  1. APACC revisits Food Technology College, Mongolia

Faculty and Staff News

  1. Congratulatory Messages for Prof. Dr. Shyamal Majumdar