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GB News

  • CPSC Governing Board convenes 88th session
  • CSPC welcomes new GB members
  • 42nd Colombo Plan CCM adopts CPSC report


  • International Conference on Harnessing Qualifications Framework towards Quality Assurance in TVET
  • Regional Program on Innovative Concepts for TVET Development in Singapore
  • Regional Program on Developing Qualification Framework in TVET in CPSC Manila
  • In-Country Program on PPP Approach in TVET Sector in Sri Lanka
  • In-Country Program on Generic Soft Skills Development in India
  • In-Country Program on Emerging Trends in Quality Management in Thailand
  • Korean university taps CPSC for immersion program, CPSC partners with Toyota Motors, Phils

Feature Article

    Integrating Quality Assurance in TVET System in Support of Qualifications Framework