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Role of Accreditation in TVET Institutional Quality Assurance Conveyed at this year’s In-Country Program in India

2018 03 ICP India

An in-country program centering on the quality assurance of TVET institutions through accreditation was held in Chennai, India from March 5-9, 2018. This program is in collaboration with the National Institute for Technical Training and Research (NITTTR), Chennai and involved the participation of 25 TVET administrators from all over the country.

With the organization of this program, Colombo Plan Staff College, Philippines aims to contribute to the raising of awareness and provision of skills and values which are necessary to put accreditation system for TVET excellence into practice. The first TVET institutions in India subjected themselves to the scrutiny of the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) starting from 2017. It is hoped that this program will become a platform to learn and share about the APACC Accreditation process in anticipation of more institutions in the country earning their respective APACC-accreditation status in future.

2018 03 ICP India 2 Dr. Kulanthaivel presenting the CPSC Plaque to
Prof. Dr. Sudhindra Nath Panda, Director
of NITTTR, Chennai
The program was jointly supervised by Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, CPSC Director General and Prof. Dr. Sudhindra Nath Panda, Director of NITTTR Chennai. Program was coordinated by Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, Faculty Consultant of CPSC and Chairman of the ICT Division and local logistics were facilitated by Local Co-coordinator Dr. P. Sivasnakar, Assistant Professor of Electronics Engineering of NITTTR.

To ensure the applicability of the lessons to the local context, in addition to Prof. Kulanthaivel, some experts were also invited to share their insights regarding the subject. Invited persons include Prof. Dr. V. Thanikachalam, Former Professor and Head of the NITTTR Centre for International Affairs; Prof. Dr. T.G. Sambanthan, Professor and Head of the NITTTR Computer Science and Engineering Department and Prof. Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan Director of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology Department at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

2018 03 ICP India 3Presenting certificates to Prof. Dr. V. Thanikachalam (left) and Prof. Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan (right)

2018 03 ICP India 4 Participants of the National Seminar
during the lecture
Themes discussed during the program include the following: (1) organizational excellence; (2) concepts and philosophies in APACC accreditation; (3) National accreditation and certification systems in India and (4) Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The five-day program also included a visit to the SRM Institute of Science and Technology also located within the city of Chennai, in addition to the international seminar on accreditation and gender sensitivity in TVET.

2018 03 ICP India 5Visit to SRM University in Chennai

International Seminar on Accreditation and Gender Sensitivity in TVET systems held on the International Women’s Day

March 8 is remembered across the world as the International Women’s Day, and in paying tribute to the millions of TVET women practitioners in India and in the world, CPSC held an International Seminar discussing accreditation and gender sensitivity at the NITTTR Auditorium in Chennai. This special event involved the participation of 108 stakeholders from 25 different countries.

The seminar aims to establish links for national, regional, and international TVET initiatives that will further enhance quality assurance through accreditation. The lectures are designed to create initiatives for the promotion of quality management and accreditation. In addition, there are discussions on the methods of giving more awareness for gender sensitivity in education and training which would enable the participants to appreciate the policies and planning strategies involved in women empowerment through technical education.

2018 03 ICP India 6 Ms. Malini Saravan (left) the chief guest of the
seminar, cutting the ceremonial ribbon
commemorating the opening of the seminar &
book exhibition. The color of the ribbon is purple,
symbolizing the International Women’s Day
celebrations across the globe.
The program invited Ms. Malini Saravanan, the Deputy General Manager (HR) of Express Publications Limited, Chennai as the chief guest. She was welcomed warmly by the Prof. Dr. T.G. Sambanthan of NITTTR, Chennai and Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, the Program Coordinator from CPSC and Prof. Dr. S. Renukadevi, Local Coordinator of the Seminar.

In addition to Prof. Kulanthaivel, who shared on “APACC Accreditation and Certification of TVET Institutions for Student and Labor Mobility”, the seminar involved the expertise of notable people in the field of accreditation and gender sensitivity namely: (1) Dr. M. Ashok, the HoD of Mechanical Engineering in Nachimuthu Polytechnic College, Pollachi who discussed about the case study of an APACC-Accredited Indian Polytechnic; (2) Prof. Dr. S. Renukadevi, Professor & Head of Engineering Education at NITTTR, Chennai who shared her insights on Gender Mainstreaming in Technical Education; (3) Prof. Dr. S.Dhanapal Former Professor & Head of CDC at NITTTR who discussed the National Board of Accreditation ( NBA) and Certification and lastly 4) Ms. Sharon Buteau, Executive Director of IFMR LEAD, Chennai who discussed on the gender perspectives in developing entrepreneurial intention of technical students.

2018 03 ICP India 7Some International participants with the speakers and guests of the seminar