Wednesday, 02 August 2017 02:55

Regional Program in Dhaka Highlights the Need for Global Competitiveness in TVET

Esteemed representatives from the 12 CPSC Member Countries arrived in the headquarters of the Institution of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh (IDEB) in Dhaka to participate in the Regional Program on TVET for Global Competitiveness from July 25-29, 2017.

2017-08_RP-Bangladesh-2017Guests and Participants of the RP Bangladesh 2017

A total of 36 participants represented Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Sri Lanka in addition to speakers from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Labor Organization (ILO) India Office and National Vocational Qualifications Systems (NVQS) Nepal.

The 5-day event was jointly organized by the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC), Institution of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh (IDEB) and the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Bangladesh. It aims to tap the expertise and perspectives of the member countries to further elucidate the challenges and opportunities for TVET and discuss some of the emerging issues and trends that TVET faces in the region such as Green TVET, Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

2017-08_RP-Bangladesh-2017-2The Chief Guests of the Program during the Inaugural Ceremony (left to right): Mr. AKMA Hamid, President of IDEB; Mr. Md. Alamgir, Secretary of the Technical and Madrasah Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Bangladesh; Mr. Nurul Islam, Hon. Minister of the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh; Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, CPSC Director General and Mr. Md. Soharab Hussain, Secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Division, Government of Bangladesh.

The program was supervised by Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, CPSC Director General; Mr. Ashoke Kumar Biswas, Additional Secretary (Technical) of the Technical and Madrasah Education Division, Ministry of Education and the Director General of DTE, Bangladesh; and Mr. A.K.M.A. Hamid, President of IDEB.

Program coordination from CPSC’s side was facilitated by Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, Faculty Consultant and Chairman of the ICT Division at CPSC. Local coordination meanwhile was assigned to Dr. Omar Faruque, the Deputy Secretary (Technical) of the Technical and Madrasah Education Division, Ministry of Education and Engr. Mr. Md. Enamul Haque, Member Secretary and Conference Secretariat for International Conference, IDEB. Some of the lectures were also delivered by Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam, the former CPSC Faculty Specialist and currently the Assistant Director for Planning and Development, DTE.

A special lecture discussing the need to develop more globally-competitive TVET leaders was delivered by Dr. Ramhari on the first day of the program.

In addition, the subsequent lectures and modules discussed issues such as addressing the challenges of TVET in the member countries, development of entrepreneurship in TVET, enhancing the image of TVET, greening TVET for a sustainable future and the application of ICT in TVET. A system development plan was developed by the participants after the lectures to fully translate these lessons into a tangible practice.

During their 5-day stay in the country, the participants were able to exchange networks and information at the numerous dinners and events hosted by the organizers. On July 29, the participants had the opportunity to see the Mohila Polytechnic College for a cultural visit as well as various sights and landmarks of the Bangladeshi capital such as the Parliament House and the Ancestral House of the Bangladeshi Father of Independence.

2017-08_RP-Bangladesh-2017-3Left: Dr. G. Kulanthaivel (standing) explaining the system development plan to the participants while the other group is deliberating on the contents of their action plans (right)

The program was a prelude to the International Conference on “Skills for the Future World of Work and TVET for Global Competitiveness” which was held in various places in Dhaka from July 27-29, 2017. The international conference was attended by 1000 participants from various places in Bangladesh and in the world and invited some of the most notable guests, most especially the country’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina (more details in the next report).

2017-08_RP-Bangladesh-2017-4During the Goodwill Dinner hosted by the Technical and Madrasah Education Division of the Ministry of Education at the Prestige Hall of Asia Hotel & Resort on July 25, 2017. (Left to right): Ramhari Lamichhane, PhD., Director General CPSC; Mr. Md. Alamgir, Secretary, Technical and Madrasah Education Division, Ministry of Education; Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, M.P., Minister, Ministry of Education, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh (GOB) and Engr. A K M A Hamid, President of IDEB