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CPSC, DPE Host ICP on Quality Assurance in TVET through APACC Accreditation in Malaysia

2016-04 ICP-MalaysiaDr. Alto (first from left) and Dr. Kulanthaivel (third from left) with the Director General
of the Department of Polytechnic Education, Dato’ Mohlis bin Jaafar (second from left)
during the opening ceremony.
In demonstration of Malaysia's commitment to be a role model in upholding quality TVET delivery by promoting the need for an intensive quality assurance framework for TVET in the region, the Department of Polytechnic Education (DPE), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, in collaboration with the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC), organized the In-Country Program on "Quality Assurance in TVET through APACC Accreditation". Held at the Politeknik Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Apr 25-29, 2016, the program gathered 24 officers designated as APACC Officers who are in charge and involved in APACC accreditation of polytechnics in Malaysia.

The program was organized to assist the Government of Malaysia in its initiatives to provide knowledge on establishing an organized structure for maintaining accreditation and emphasizing quality assurance mechanisms that are based on quality standards and criteria set within the parameters established across the Asia-Pacific Region. By engaging in accreditation, it is hoped that the school will move beyond the internal and isolated discussions about continuous school improvement and submit their educational environment to a rigorous process of analysis, evaluation and adjustments for continuous improvement towards true organizational effectiveness.

At the end of the program, the participants were expected to appreciate the need and importance of standards, quality and accreditation relative to the national, regional and global labor market, comprehend the need and importance of regional accreditation and gain insights on APACC accreditation as a continuous improvement approach to organizational excellence in TVET. The participants developed action plans for creating positive and enhanced effectiveness of TVET and prepare the TVET institutions for APACC accreditation.

Program supervisors were Datuk Hj. Mohlis bin Jaafar, Director General of DPE, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, Acting Director General of CPSC. Local coordination was made possible through the efforts of Pn. Jamaliah Binti Ahmad, Senior Principal Assistant Director, for and on behalf of the Director of Professional Excellence Division, DPE.

A developmental learning approach was followed in the program which involved different learning methods such as lectures, theme paper presentations, experiential learning, and system development planning.

2016-04 ICP-Malaysia2Dr. Alto and Dr. Kulanthaivel answering the questions of some program participants
regarding the implementation of APACC
A special lecture on Organizational Excellence in Today's Competitive Environment through Accreditation and APACC in TVET was delivered by Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel who also presented the lecture on APACC Accreditation Criterion 1 on Governance and Management. A lecture on APACC Instrument, Indicators and Elements focusing on Criteria 2 to 7 was discussed by Dr. Romulita C. Alto, Faculty Consultant of CPSC. She also discussed and facilitated the methods of putting up an action plan entitled "The Way Forward". Local Resource Person, Pn. Noor Aidi Binti Nadzri, Lecturer of Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah shared her knowledge and expertise on the planning details of the DPE for APACC Accreditation. She also shared the experiences of Malaysian Polytechnics on APACC. In addition to the lectures, activities such as the APACC simulation, role playing, mock audit and campus tours also took place during the program to give the participants a good grasp of the anticipated APACC experience.

2016-04 ICP-Malaysia32016-04 ICP-Malaysia3The In-Country Program in Malaysia as featured on the Newspaper “Utusan Malaysia” published on April 26, 2016