Monday, 29 February 2016 00:00

TVET for Sustainable Development: Main Theme of In-Country Program in Nepal

2016-02 ICP-NEPAL

Following a recent regional program on TVET for Sustainable Development in neighboring country India, Nepal also hosted a similar program under the guidance of the Colombo Plan Staff College and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) Nepal. The program was held from February 22-26, 2016 at the Training Institute for Technical Instruction (TITI) Headquarters in Kathmandu. A total of 24 administrators benefitted from the training program.

The program was designed on the need to promote sustainable development initiatives and strategies adopted by governments. In particular, the Ministry of Human Education, Nepal is currently conducting technical and vocational training programs and projects with the help of employers, institutions and training coordinators to an agreed national competency standards. It is therefore important to establish an efficient mechanism to promote advocacy for sustainable development of these training programs conducted by the different training providers.

In line with the national plans on development and training, the program was organized to make the participants: (1) Appreciate the concepts and processes of TVET for sustainable development; (2) Elucidate the tools and techniques which are applicable in sustainable development activities; (3) Design suitable approaches and models incorporating sustainable development in TVET programs and (4) Prepare an action plan for integrating sustainable development in TVET system.

Themes discussed in the program include: Greening TVET as an ESD Strategy, Advancing TVET for Sustainable Development, Promoting Green Entrepreneurship, Eco-tourism in TVET and Quality Assurance for TVET Sustainable Development.

Program supervision was facilitated by Prof. Dr. G, Kulanthaivel, Acting Director General of CPSC and Dr. Ram Hari Lamichhane, Member Secretary of CTEVT. It was coordinated by Prof. Rajesh P. Khambayat, Ph.D., former, Faculty Consultant, CPSC, Manila and current Head of the Department of Education & Research, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR), Bhopal, India. Local coordination and arrangements were made possible through Dr. Diwat Kumar Shresthra, Director of Technical Division, CTEVT and was assisted by Mr. Mohan Bahadur Karki, Senior Technical Officer of Technical Division, CTEVT.

Complementing the objectives of the In-Country Program, a National Seminar on Promoting Skills for Sustainability in the 21st century was held on February 24, 2016. The event attracted the participation of 100 guests from all over the country.

The seminar was organized with the realization that TVET systems need to prepare their learners for being responsible and well informed producers and consumers, and for being able to act competently, creatively and as agents for sustainability in their workplaces and in society at large. Investment in TVET skills development initiatives needed for the green transition enhances environmental awareness, competency, innovation and entrepreneurship, and thus opens new market opportunities for environmental goods and services, promotes green innovation and green growth, and puts our world on a more sustainable development path.

Themes discussed in the program include social entrepreneurship, innovative strategies for developing skills, green entrepreneurship and promoting generic skills. Coordinators from CTEVT and CPSC were also invited to provide their expertise on these matters.