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“Accreditation and Certification of TVET Institutions” Main Theme of In-Country Program in Thailand

2015-11 ICPTHA

In anticipation of the future accreditation activities in Thailand, CPSC held a program on accreditation and certification of TVET institutions at the Khon Khaen Vocational College in Khon Khaen, Thailand from November 23-27, 2015. The program involved the participation of 65 TVET administrators and experts who will be actively involved in the planned APACC activities in the country at a later date.

The event was jointly organized with the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), the main TVET authority in Thailand that supervises and monitors TVET activities in the country.

The program was organized on a realization that in order to acquire such high standards and exceptional quality education in the TVET sector, it is necessary that all stakeholders be aware of quality assurance measures and mechanisms used by various accreditors, both local and international. With right information come empowered and more involved TVET institutions, ready to meet and even exceed the expectations of TVET accreditors. This would also guarantee, upon compliance of institutions to accreditation standards, higher quality of TVET graduates. This would also help support the implementation of TVET quality assurance at the ministerial level in order to achieve the overall goal of providing quality TVET where prosperity, competitiveness, and economic development of Thailand possibly lie ahead.

The program mainly aimed to assist the Government of Thailand with their initiatives by providing knowledge on the organized structure for maintaining accreditation as quality assurance mechanism based on quality systems standard on TVET institutions that promotes recognition of standards and criteria across Asia and the Pacific Region. It also sought to achieve the appreciation of the need and importance of standards, quality, and accreditation relative to the national, regional, and global labor market and the understanding of accreditation as a tool for improving the quality of TVET Institutions. The programs are also important to prepare the institutions in undertaking the actual accreditation process using the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) criteria and assist them in preparing the documents needed for submission to accrediting agencies.

Themes tackled in the program include: (1) Creating a Culture of Quality and Excellence, (2) Concepts and Philosophies of Accreditation, (3) Regional Accreditation and Certification: A Response to Global Trends, (4) APACCT Regional Accreditation of TVET Institutions and (5) Preparation and Implementation of APACC Accreditation.

The program was supervised by Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, CPSC Officer-in-Charge and Dr. Chaipreuk Sereerak, Secretary General of the Office of the Vocational Education Commission. Overall program coordination was spearheaded by Dr. Paiboon Saiyawongs, Senior Adviser of the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) and the main focal person for APACC. The local coordination was facilitated by Ms. Siriyupa Phurirak from the Bureau of Policy and Planning, OVEC and Mr. Laksasak Yangsaman from the Policy and Planning, OVEC.

Academic discussions and resources were delivered by Prof. Romulita C. Alto, Ed.D, CPSC Faculty Consultant from the Philippines and Ms. Noor Aidi Nadzri, Director of Instructional and Digital Learning Department, Polytechnic Management Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

In addition, local experiences on accreditation and certification was facilitated by Assoc. Prof. Numyoot Songthanapitak, Ph.D., President, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Chairman, Council of Institute of Vocational Education Northern Region 2 and President, Regional Association for Vocational Teacher Education in East and Southeast Asia; Dr. Jurin Milindasuta, Former Director Nakhonpathom Technical College and Team Leader, Working Group on APACC Criterion Translation, OVEC and Dr. Pongsatorn Pimpanit, Educator for the Bureau of Vocational Education Standards and Qualification, OVEC.

In addition to the activities in Khon Kaen, Dr. Paiboon was interviewed live at November 25 at a Moeradiothai, a local radio station for students which was regularly promoted as a venue for studying radio broadcasting in the country. His interview was broadcasted live at the station's website (

2015-11 ICPTHA2Dr. Alto (center, from left) with the chief guests of the program  2015-11 ICPTHA3Dr. Kulanthaivel delivering his opening remarks

2015-11 ICPTHA4Dr. Alto and Dr. Paiboon discussing the contents of the APACC manual to the participants