Wednesday, 27 July 2016 00:00

Khonkaen Vocational College (KVC) Holds Workshop on APACC SSR

Following the workshop held from June 20 to 22, 2016 at King Park Avenue Hotel, an in depth workshop on APACC SSR was held at KhonKaen Vocational College (KVC) from July 14 to 15, 2016. The workshop was organized under the wide vision and strong leadership of the KVC Director, Mrs. Nongyao Ganlayalak. It was attended by 125 faculty and staff members of KVC.

2016-07 KVCFaculty and Staff members of KhonKaen Vocational College

Khonkaen Vocational College (KVC) situated in the Northeastern part of Bangkok, Thailand is considered to be one of the best and most popular vocational colleges in the region. KVC has been studying about APACC since July 2015 during the APACC promotions and information dissemination among several colleges in Thailand. Last November, KVC, identified by OVEC as candidate institution for APACC accreditation, hosted the In-Country Program on "Accreditation (APACC) and Certification of TVET Institutions: Planning and Implementation".

2016-07 KVC-2Mrs. Nongyao Ganlayalak, Director of Khonkaen Vocational College  2016-07 KVC-3Dr. Paiboon Saiyawongs, APACC Special Officer in Thailand (top photo),
Dr. Julin Milintrasutra, Retired Director of OVEC’s Nakhonprathom
Technical College (lower photo) deliver their presentations

2016-07 KVC-4The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Paiboon Saiyawongs, APACC Special Officer in Thailand, along with Dr. Julin Milintrasutra, Retired Director of OVEC's Nakhonpathom Technical College. The workshop focused on the APACC Self-Study Report (SSR) and an in depth discussion on the different APACC Criteria and Indicators. Dr. Paiboon Saiyawongs and Dr. Julin Milintrasutra presented an overview of the APACC accreditation system and talked about the procedure in answering the APACC SSR. After the presentation, members of the faculty were divided into 7 groups and were asked to work on each APACC criterion and tried to answer and analyze all the questions in their assigned criterion. Each team was facilitated by an English teacher. After the two-day workshop, each group presented the problems and outcome of the score obtained.