Monday, 27 October 2014 04:51

Staff College explores tie-up with agencies in the United Arab Emirates

In view of continuing the Staff College's mandate of strengthening the ongoing north-south cooperation in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) that has become a priority of many countries now, the Director General of the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub met key personnel of the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and Education Malaysia Office in the United Arab Emirates on October 19 & 20, 2014.

Prof. Ian P. Cumbus, Mr. Khaled Al Obaidli, and Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub at the NQA

At NQA, Abu Dhabi on October 19, 2014, Dr. Naim had a discussion with the Director of Vocational Qualifications & Labor Market Strategies Mr. Khaled Al Obaidli and Expert in Higher Education Professor Ian P. Cumbus on CPSC and its accreditation arm, the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC). The briefer video of APACC was shown by DG to provide an overview of the commission in a concise manner. He then further explained the process of application and benefits that could be derived when an institution is accredited by APACC. The meeting ended with a positive note as NQA looked at the possibility of engaging APACC as a mechanism to certify workforce from sending countries prior to working in UAE.

Discussion between Dr. Naim and Education Malaysia officials

The discussion with Education Malaysia Officers including Mr. Shusilil Azam, Head of Education Malaysia Dubai; Mr. Mohd Azar AJ, Manager (Middle East/North Africa) and Marketing Manager Mr. Owais Mohamed Aslam Kazi in Dubai, UAE on October 20, 2014 focused on collaboration in bringing Malaysian educational experts to CPSC member countries to help develop their respective education system as well as the possibility of bringing students from CPSC member countries to Malaysia.

The parties hoped for continued communication to properly follow-up the discussions and decisions made during the meetings.