CPSC Membership

Partner Ministry/Organization Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA)
Liaison Officers Mrs. Suphatra Srimaitreephithak
Director General
Thailand International Cooperation Agency
The Government Complex
Ratthaprasanabhakti Building (South Zone)
8th Floor, Laksi District
Bangkok, Thailand
Recent Programs Held in the Country 2016: (1) In-Country Program on Technopreneurial Skills
Development. November 14-18, 2016 (2) Regional Program on Developing Organizational Excellence among TVET Institutions through Accreditation". August 1-5, 2016
2015: In-Country Program on Accreditation and Certification of TVET Institutions. November 23-25, 2015.
2014: In-Country program on TVET Image Building. November 24-28, 2014.
2013: (1) Special In-Country Program on Champion Leaders’ Development Program for TVET Skills for Poverty Alleviation. November 25-29, 2013. (2) Regional Program on Strengthening the Culture of Entrepreneurship in TVET”, July 15-19, 2013.
Ambassador H.E. Thanatip Upatising
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand
Address of Embassy/Consulate in Manila No. 505 Rizal Drive
107 Rada Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City, Philippines



GDP (billions) $390.592 billion (Nominal: 28th, 2016 est.)
GDP Per Capita $5,742 (nominal; 2016)
Currency Thai Baht (THB) = 100 satangs
Major Exports Textiles, footwear, fishery products, rice, rubber, jewelry, automobiles, computers and electrical appliances
Major Imports Capital and intermediate goods, raw materials, consumer goods, fuels
Major Industries Automobiles and automotive parts, financial services, electric appliances and components, tourism, cement, auto manufacturing, heavy and light industries, appliances, computers and parts, furniture, plastics, textiles and garments, agricultural processing, beverages, tobacco
Major Export Partners United States 11.2%, China 11.1%, Japan 9.4%, Hong Kong 5.5%, Malaysia 4.8%, Australia 4.6%, Vietnam 4.2%, Singapore 4.1% (2015 est.)
Major Import Partners China 20.3%, Japan 15.4%, United States 6.9%, Malaysia 5.9%, UAE 4.0% (2015 est.)
Foreign Exchange Reserves $181.8 Billion
Inflation 3.02%
Population below Poverty Line 13.15%
Gini Coefficient 48.4% (2015)
Competitiveness Rank 34th
Ease of Doing Business Rank 46th (out of 190)
Employment Rate 99.1% (2016, est.)
Unemployment Rate 0.9% (2016, est.)


crown-princeMaha Vajiralongkorn (Monarch)

Type of Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy (de jure) Military junta (de facto)
Head of State Maha Vajiralongkorn (Monarch)
Head of Government Prayut Chan-Ocha (Prime minister)
Legislating Body/Bodies National Legislative Assembly

Social Facts

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Time zone UTC +7:00
Human Development Index 0.726 (high, 93rdout of 180)
Literacy Rate 96.7% (men, 96.6%; women, 96.7%)
% of people with internet access 39.32% (26,721,620)
Life Expectancy 74.90 years (Males: 71.90, Females: 78.00)
Drives on the Left
Calling code +66
ISO 3166 code TH
Internet TLD .th