Emerging Challenges and Trends in TVET in the Asia-Pacific Region

2012-01 emerging challenges- and trends in tvet thumb

Date: November 2010
Type:  Reference
Country: India; Indonesia; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Papua New Guinea and Singapore
Subject: Comprehensive appreciation of the respective TVET problems and issues in the countries
ISBN: 978-94-6091-390-7(Hardback)


The book presents a comprehensive body of TVET information for use as a handy reference, both by serious researchers and national policymakers, also by practitioners on how TVET plays a pivotal role in national socio-economic development. The experiences shared can be models of "systems that worked," learning from them and “avoiding the pitfalls.” They further emphasize that “no one solution fi ts all” when addressing the gamut of challenges and concerns, the resources required and the preferred mindset when implementing TVET reforms.


  • Macro and micro views of TVET
  • Underscoring its current status
  • Emerging trends
  • Best practices and challenges that beset Individual systems