Professional Internship Program for International Experience

2012-03 pipie 01CPSC opens its doors to prospective young professionals from all CPSC member countries who wish to gain valuable experience working in a cross-cultural learning environment. International internship training opportunities are available to qualified professionals.

A total number of 40 interns benefitted from the PIPIE since its launching in 2003 till date.

The program has proven to have beneficial impacts to the career plans of the young professionals who after having been exposed to multi-cultural work setting while on internship, have widened their horizons and career perspectives and became interested to work in some esteemed international institutions or pursue higher studies.

 Program Objectives:

  1. To appreciate and develop awareness on CPSC’s multi-cultural environment as an inter-governmental international organization;
  2. To provide opportunity for young professionals to apply and relate principles, concepts and methods learned in their respective areas of studies;
  3. To provide platform for acquiring practical work experience related to their academic background or future work in the field/s related to CPSC thrust areas;
  4. To increase the understanding of interns on relevant and emerging issues in TVET in their country and/or at Asia Pacific regional level through programs and research- based project/s.